CoC: Awakening

Hansen News Headlines

Tuesday June 28th 1922

Woman found Dead after hours in Hansen Graveyard!

Suspect, Bobby Dean arrested. Police deny comments.

Six arrests in drunken fiasco.

Owner Lee comments that this is not the first time police have raided his establishment.

Potential dangerous animal threat.

Keep an eye on your children, and do not go hiking without taking proper precautions.


Ty Goodman found burned alive in his home, his wife murdered with a kitchen knife, Police deny comments but eye witnesses place multiple civilians at the scene.

Arrests were made.

Break-ins Continue,
Police claim to have found evidence linking to the culprit.

Strange Gun shots around Town,
Police ask that shooters to take their sport away from the town’s edge

Man found Murdered in town!, coroners report says he was shot multiple times. Police suspect gang related activity, but deny to comment further.

Hansen News Headlines
Taloswind Taloswind

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