CoC: Awakening

Paul's log 1

Report #1

I’m not sure of the format I should be using to write this, so I guess I’m just gonna tell the whole story. It all started when I wrote this now famous article about my encounter with werewolves in Montana. It got pretty good reception so I was invited to tape it for Dave Jackson’s radio show. I was pretty pumped about it to be honest. He then took me out to drink at the bar.

As I left, I heard a scream coming from the graveyard. I ran over there and found it, a body, a young girl about 16 years old with three big gashes across her back. I was pretty stunned. I stayed on the scene until the police came and took the body along with the suspect, a black guy that was hiding in the bushes, covered in blood. He looked pretty frightened to be honest.

I went back home, thinking I could use what I saw as inspiration for my new story, which I now realise is quite inhumane of me. Anyways it didn’t quite pan out that way. I couldn’t get this image out of my head, it was too similar to what I had written and sadly, I’m not the only one who saw it. Through the week-end people around town started talking about it, thinking it was a copycat killer or something taking inspiration from my stories. I had to prove them wrong.

I first met up with a prest that was on the scene as well. Together we started following leads, we went to the victim’s house and talked with her mother, we didn’t learn much apart from the fact that she had been with her friend, a certain Megan Roberts. We then made our way to the morgue to try and get some info from the autopsy but all we got was that the surgeon compared it to a bear attack and found a thorn-like object lodged into one of her wounds.

Our subsequent search into the victim’s friend, Megan, managed to get us her adress but upon our visit to her house, we found that no one had picked up the newspaper at the door in weeks, yet it seemed that someone was living there as there was fresh food on the table inside as we had seen from the window. We also looked up the newspaper archives for clues about the Roberts family or similar attacks but we found nothing conclusive, apart of course for various people being killed in the woods by wild beasts but that is to be expected when you live so close to the forest.

Either way, I tried to get Jackson not to put my story on the radio but it was sadly too late. We didn’t manage to get much further into our investigation apart from that until tuesday where me, the priest, Tom a guy we had also met up with that had been at the scene, The suspect’s lawyer and the suspect’s girlfriend had all been summoned to the police station to file a witness report.

I gave mine although I think that the fact that I was under the influence may lead them to dismiss my report.

Since I now have to prove my innocence and the suspect’s lawyer also has to gain from proving the suspect’s innocence, we grouped up. It seems that the man is being charged for murder along with rape. It all doesn’t add up though, we really have to figure out why.

Anyhow, that’s pretty much all I got for the past couple days, not much to go on but we got a few leads and I have some good people to help me through the investigation. Hopefully these future reports will help clear my name so I can come back to writing my stories as I am accustomed to.


Private log #1: Well, seeing as my job’s taken quite a dark turn, I won’t be able to put the whole truth into my reports to my boss… not yet anyways, until then, the truth will be kept here so that if I die or go to jail, someone may find this and know what happened.

Last weekend went awful. It started out quietly as we went around town, first we visited the mental hospital to meet the old woman that was sent there after an encounter with the “monster” that seems to be connected to our case. Mr. Goodman didn’t join us on that one, oddly enough. It didn’t pan out very well, turns out the old woman killed herself a few years ago. All we got was a good look at her room where she had drawn eyes all over the walls. It was alarming.

We then made our way to the lake and started walking around. We didn’t find much apart from an earring that seems similar to one wore by one of our missing girls on the picture we have of them. At one point we did hear noises coming towards us. I was pretty tense so I took my gun out. Turns out it wasn’t a threat and just a man on his jog, he didn’t appreciate the weapons so I apologized and we left.

We kept it there for the day and I went back home. That night, I was awoken by alarms coming from the streets, as I looked out my window I saw a large plume of smoke coming from the area where Mr. Goodman’s house is, I jumped out of bed and ran there.

I arrived around the same time as my partners in crime (litterally now) but before the firefighters so we lost no time and ran into the house. Everything was going really fast and it’s all quite a blur but I remember Misses Goodman attached to the dinner table… there was blood but I didn’t have time to check wether she was alive or not. Me and Tom dragged the whole table out of the house with her on it, quickly afterwards the two others came out without Mr. Goodman who was apparently stuck INTO his wall, dead as well, with root-like objects inside of him.

The cops came and decided that we were suspects and took us into the station until monday! I couldn’t believe it, I tried to be a hero and I got jailed for the week-end… Apart from a couple days without a shower not much happened there, we were interrogated and we left. We went straight to the town hall to do some research. We found out a bit more information about the man, Wood, that was in the letters that we found but very little.

Robyn however, had found a book inside Mr. Goodman’s hands as he was dead across his wall, in it were a couple of adresses, the farm that Bobby worked at along with the path into a cabin in the woods.

Me, Tom and the priest headed out into the woods to go into the cabin as Robyn decided to stick into town, not wanting to lose her job the next day. We eventually arrived, Tom had taken his horse for some reason. It was getting dark though and a storm was brewing, so we quickly ran inside the old, decrepit cabin and started thinking about staying there for the night. We searched it thoroughly, looking for the reason Goodman might have sent us there from beyond the grave. We found a satchel with a deed to a mine in it, no names though as far as who it used to belong to. Under the floorboards I also came across a startling sight. Two corpses, mostly bones by now but corpses nonetheless, were laid to rest there, hardly buried at all.

As we started trying to get to sleep stuff started getting weird, Tom went outside for his routine check up of the surroundings and told us he saw a silhouette in the darkness, we blamed it on the storm but then as he left again, he came back a little paler than usual, he didn’t seem too distraught but something was still definitely wrong. His horse had been killed and hung up on a tree!

What on earth could do that? before we could question ourselves more, creeking started coming from under the floorboards, we quickly covered the hole in the floor with a table, the creeks vanished and a short time later, the door started opening! The father and Tom quickly scurried to hold it tight. Once it left I ran to the window to get a look and saw a shape, it quickly came towards the window and before I could react it threw it’s arm into it, almost empaling me… It wasn’t human, whatever this was was like one of the monsters from my stories! ( which are fake by the way, I feel like if I’m dead there’s no sense hiding that anymore)

The thing barely missed me and left. It wasn’t over though, the creekings returned and this time, we shot up the floorboards like no tomorrow. It seemed unsuccessful as the door was once again opening! As Tom was about to go hold it shut, I thought better of it and unloaded onto the door. Then it happened, the detective himself slumped into the room with two bulletholes in him, oozing blood… I had killed him… I killed a cop.

We panicked, none of us knew how to react, the father wanted me to confess to it and tell the truth, as if anyone was gonna believe me. When morning came, we buried him outside neatly and went back to the city, unharmed.

Then, we tried to find Robyn but to no avail… Where did that girl go?

Paul's log 1

We left the cabin the morning after burying the detective. We got in town early and although we were tired, dirty and my head was still pounding from the crazy night we had before, we weren’t destined to rest. Robyn was missing, she hadn’t come in to work.

We assumed that she may have tried to follow up on another lead we had and made our way to the farm. Over there we only found the owner, a weird looking man with a long unkempt beard. We talked to him a little and figured he was hiding something from us. Father took a shot in the dark and yelled out for Robyn, against all odds, we got an answer. Stuff went south from there, he ran over to the house where the scream was coming from while me and Tom kept the man where he was.

After he walked in, we hear another scream, this time, it was the priest. I ran over and then I saw it… the monster that had terrorised us the night before just came out of the house, fresh on the heels of the priest. I took out my gun and started shooting while the priest ran back inside. I don’t know why he did that. It all went by so quick, the beast ran at me, I unloaded on it but it wasn’t going down. I ran out of ammo. Robyn came out of the house, visibly unharmed, She also took some shots. I dropped my gun and pulled out my knife. I plunged it into the creature’s head in a last ditch effort and it slumped down, dead.

The farmer, Jerry I think, came after me, he was mad. I tried to defend myself but after he broke my knife he eventually knocked me unconscious as he was dodging all of our blows.

I awoke soon after, Robyn had patched me up, sadly the priest wasn’t doing so good. The man was dead and many shots had been fired. We quickly retreated to Tom’s farm until the law arrived. Robyn was to spend the week there taking care of the priest. I headed home only to be met by my wife who told me she couldn’t take it anymore. I had changed, and she noticed. She wanted to leave why I “figured my shit out”. So I unwillingly drove her to the train station. I felt odd the whole time, of course I was destroyed that my wife was leaving but I also felt watched… followed.

I ended up spending the week at the barn with the others, drinking and getting to know Robyn a bit more, turns out black people aren’t so different, but I digress.

Once the priest got back on his feet we decided to finish this up as quick as we could. We made our way into the mansion that we knew had been owned by the wood family. We broke in from the back and started clearing all the rooms. We didn’t find much, Tom found a diary but I haven’t read it, apparently what’s in there is pretty freaky and I don’t know that I can handle much more… especially after what I found, an old tome with a weird ensigna on it, I couldn’t recognise it from the books I read as a child.

As we were getting done with the house, we saw light downstairs, someone was here. We ran to the balcony and started climbing down, sadly I got stuck in the vines and somehow lost my gun, if it was the police, they were gonna be able to track it and it would lead them to me. That hasn’t happened yet though so whoever was there was probably not the law.

I spent last week reading the book… I can do magic now I think, it was filled with all sorts of incantations and spells and mysterious things… I can feel myself slipping, this knowledge is not for a mere mortal like me to have… We have to finish this or I may never get back from those events.. we have to go to the mine… I may not get out of it, but it’s the only way we can end this, the only way I can get my life back.

Paul's log 1
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