CoC: Awakening

Robyn's Diary

The thoughts of a troubled Woman

Friday, week 1 (The corpse)

Well this is it, been a long time since i gave any thought to keepin a diary but god do i need one now. My bobby’s been arrested and how I’m gunna get him out is… complicated. I feel like keeping this might keep me grounded and keep me focused on what the hell is goin on with Bobby’s case….as well as coping with life. It worked before until i moved out here but then i was hardly in any shape to keep a diary goin.

Today was gunna be a good day, after work was gunna meet Bobby for our usual high class dinner at our favourite diner. Work was pretty uneventful, same kids with colds and other lil’ scrapes. After work though i got rounded up in that stupid bar thing. Of course the pigs decided i was apart of it, as sober as i was. After taking a bunch of stupid questions i was back on my way.

When i reached the graveyard the cops were already there and a group of people. I knew one was the guy who wrote those stupid supernatural stories, and boy, did the scene almost look like one. The scene was pretty bloody and the poor body of a woman was torn to hell.

And of course, i saw Bobby. He looked pretty beat up and bloody in the back of that police car, of course. Well i couldn’t help at the scene and Bobby clearly needed me. So i followed the car.

The cops wouldn’t let me in, but i met Mr Goodman. He was extremely polite and seemed genuinely interested in Bobby…he didn’t judge. A mighty fine man i needed him to represent Bobby so i pleaded, god did i plead for him to take Bobby’s case and Mr Goodman, god bless him, took it on. I have to fill some papers out in the morning and the first payment at 11. Hopefully Dr Mcgee will give me some time off.

Saturday week 1
Signed the papers and paid Mr Goodman. Hopefully Mr Goodman let me visit Bobby. Work was pretty tough, so i had some dinner and decided to meet Mr Goodman later for a drink. We discussed what had been going on, Bobby’s accused theft and what had been going on. I hope Mr Goodman can turn up something.

Oh, and some snotty barman questioned us too! I mean i don’t really mind curious town folk but god did it rub me up the wrong way. Tom i think his name was…

Sunday, week 1
Went to the service of the poor girl. Most of the towns think think Bobby did it (though some think it was some kind of animal, which would make sense from what the paper said) and that reporter, Tom and a priest seem like the only people trying to genuinely investigate whats went on. The talked to Mr Goodman about what they’d found so far (I couldn’t help but listen in, needed that cigarette) and up on Bobby.

I wanted to join them but…i got responsibilities and what, well, how i approach three white guys and sound not raving mad.

Went though the daily rountine, settling in my cafe reading that juicy book! But…i couldn’t help but try and find out a few things of my own. I asked the local gravedigger and got nothng but gotta try right.

Monday, week 1
Work, dinner, sleep, Hope Bobby is ok,


Tuesday, week 1
(entry is tear splattered, and the entry is rather “wobbly”) Bobby…what the hell happened? Could you have done something like this? You seemed the type of guy i needed. Not like…other men in my life. You coudn’t do something like that surely! Rape is…such…
Why didn’t you tell me you were in such dire straights?

Oh we checked out the graveyard…fun but cops bit of a bummer, heading of for bed.

Wednesday, Week 1
Work was pretty uneventful, my bloody head though…I remembered That the guys mentioned something about Megan so i checked the place out after work.
The glass was already smashed upon arriving. The room was a mess, clothes had gone. Relatively uneventful, found a note with contact info, thought i would be the right thing to let her parents know. Meeting with the guys we did that, but Paul was really weird about it.

Saturday Week 2
Those letters sheesh, apparently some woman had seen a similar creature described in Cilla’s book, as well as the letters. I mentioned to the party the photo i saw (poor girl) and they decided that searching the lake would be a splendid idea.

We headed off to the lake and sure enough Tom found an earring that looked like the same one the girl was wearing. As we searched, I felt like i was being watched. I decided to investigate as the guys followed up behind me but we found zip in return.

Afterwards, we visted the mental hospital, inquirying after the woman. She had died sometime ago, but the good doctor told us some details and showed us he room, those eyes.. sheesh!

Sunday week 2
Bloody Saturday night, Mr Goodman…his wife. There is something wrong with this town. Their house went up but they were killed before in such….Mr Goodman.

The police took us in. Have to spend the day here without a word, don’t wanna stress Bobby.

Monday week 2
Well shit. How the fuck did i end up here? Couldn’t take my fucking curiosity could i. I knew that bloke was a fucking creep and i left him alone. Now stuck here. If anyone finds this diary, hopefully i took the fucker out if not his name is Jeremy Finn. Please arrest him, kill him more like.

Robyn's Diary

Saturday Week 3
Alot has happened..The monster attacked me while i was locked up in the house. I…I couldn’t bear the sight of the thing and missed my first shot. I ran to the back of the shack, barricading the door behind me. Hoping, praying that somebody would save me.

And they came.

The good father, Tom and Paul. The father banging on the door, calling out to me as the monster tried to cut him to ribbons (or that’s what heard) I unbaricaded the door and the good father was there, looking for a weapon preparing to race outside. I..was kinda freaking out but the good father raced out..i followed soon after.

Robyn's Diary
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