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Ty Goodman Case Files

New Case: Bobby Dean

Bobby first came to me a week or so ago, accused of stealing. He said he was innocent but did admit he was tresspassing. There was no evidence to hold him so he was still free and working.

He couldn’t afford my rate, so I gave him some free advice to not be tresspassing anymore and to be careful as the police were watching him closely.

I mentioned it to my wife, but she was more interested in her trip to Boston over the weekend and would just wonder why I’m bothering with a black thief who can’t pay…

Friday night on my way home I heard a scream, as did quite a few others, and ran towards it at the graveyard. A girl had been attacked and killed there. The scene looked pretty brutal, and someone pronounced her dead.

When the police arrived, apparently Bobby was found hiding in the bushes. I later found out that he was supposed to meet his girlfriend, Robyn, in the graveyard, and had heard the scream and just had been the closest one at the time to try to help the poor girl.

I didn’t get a great look at the wounds as I was more concerned with Bobby. They took him back to the station and I tried to get in to talk to him – the rookie Danny Parker sure is getting on my nerves, he wouldn’t let me in without proof that I was officially Dean’s lawyer. Which of course I wasn’t. But I did meet Robyn there and heard her story — the girlfriend of Bobby who was supposed to meet him at the graveyard. She offered to pay my retainer, although I had to give a discounted rate, to represent Bobby.

I finished up the paperwork Saturday morning, Robyn stopped by to pay me, and got it signed by Bobby at the station. I took the rest of the day off.

Both Saturday night and Sunday after church I spoke with several concerned citizens including Robyn, Paul Shatner, Tom Sullivan, and Theo the priest. They all seemed to have an interest in the case, but I was being careful about what I said as some of my information was privilidged now that I’m officially the lawyer on the case… They seemed very interested and were trying to find a friend of the victim. I told them to keep me informed, and took the business card for Paul Shatner… who writes bogus stories. But still, a contact in the press is useful.

Monday I received an evidence packet, including:
-What seems to be a picture of a wooden pichfork with a piece broken off its tip, as well as the broken peice

-The coorner report suggests that someone had murdered the girl with a similar object

-The fork appears to be the murder weapon and was accessable, also the woman was bruised, but no form of rape was found

-The investigators believe they found signs of a scuffle in the gravyard, broken turf
(see copies in file)

I reviewed the evidence on Monday and didn’t find anything spectacular.

On Tuesday we were called in for questioning. Their questions to me were very standard and boring, but they were questioning me at the same time as several of the others I’d talked to earlier — Robyn, Theo, Tom, and Paul. They were at the scene too so I guess it makes sense. We got to talking more and more and it seems these may be useful people to work with.

When Robyn finished her interview, she was crying. She said they were charging Mr Dean with rape and murder. I said there was clearly death, but from what I saw, there was clearly not rape. Something wasn’t right.

The investigator finally came and told me the official charges. First degree murder and attempted rape.

I asked about the evidence supporting the charges — apparently the pitchfork had actually been found — not that it was clear by the documents I was sent… and was among the items stolen from Ramon Huff. This really doesn’t seem like a planned, premeditated murder by any means, but I guess they can charge whatever they want and change it later. They said he was meeting his girlfriend who apparently stood him up, so got horny and assaulted the first girl he saw with a pitchfork which for some reason he had on him, and tried to rape her. And somehow failed at raping her, even though he allegedly killed her.

I’m not sure how you can prove “attempted rape” on someone who was clearly not raped, is dead, and there were no witnesses to. So I’m hoping that charge just gets thrown out as it seems rediculous.

The murder charge they seem to have the evidence to support for now, but clearly not first degree murder. Even the events they themselves conjecture happened is not consistant with first degree murder, but a murder of passion. So, another bogus charge.

Surely it will get dropped to second degree or even manslaugher, and the attempted rape charge dropped, soon. I guess that’s my job.

Anyway, the officer and I went and told Bobby about the charges. I’ll include his responses and anything else relevant in my next report.


Taloswind Zoblefu

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