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Father Desruisseaux's report to Father Michael - Parish of Hansen

File number: BA 143-8873

Section: North America – Parish of Hansen

Description: Father Desruisseaux’s report to father Michael concerning the undisclosed events that occured in the town of Hansen, NH in the summer of 1922.

Classification: Not to be released.

Status: Unsolved


Everything that is noted in this journal is destined to to father Michael, as a report on the events following the tragic death of Ms Bonnie Paige.

Friday June 24th 1922

Earlier this night, Bonnie Paige, one of our fellow parishioners was found dead in the the cimetery ofHansen next to the church. I was sleeping when I heard some screamings in outside. As I rushed outside, I saw a young woman lying on the floor. Interestingly, as I was moving forward, I saw some shadows move in the darkness, but it was too far away from me to see exactly what it was.

Father Micheal came out as the police and other bystanders came into the graveyard. After a couple of minutes, the police came and told us that they had found a man, covered in blood and hiding in the woods. It didn’t take long before de forensic team left with the body of the poor girl, but I managed to see that she had been stabbed with a peace of wood.

Paul Shatner, a local journalist saw the same thing and we deciced to meet in the morning at the local morgue to investigate a bit more.

Saturday June 25th 1922

I got at the morgue at 9 A.M., only to find it closed. Apparently, it opened at 11A.M. so we had two hours to kill. Paul and I then decided to see if anyone knew the girl or her family, but no one did.

This clue seemed to lead no where, when I suddenly thought that you could help us finding the girl’s family. When we got to the church, you told is where the girl’s family lived and we decided to head to the house. I know that you don’t like Paul Shatner for what he wrote in the past, but his investigation skills could greatly help us finiding the culprit.

When we got to the girl’s house, her mother was in tears. I stayed a bit with her as we prayed for her daughter. I left the church’s number so she could call us, had she any informations about this case.

Around 1 PM, we went back to the morgue and met with Samuel Wright, the Morgue’s surgeon. He was very suspicious and didn’t let us either see the body or read the official report.

In the end, we decided to leave and go have some lunch at the Roadside Diner. After our meal, we searched the crime scene, but found nothing. Paul then proposed to take a look at the library where, Ms Paige was known to hang out.

There, the librarian, Mr Peter Gourd told us that she was there the day she had died. He even gave us the book that she was reading on friday, a romance novel of some sort. He also told us about one of her firends, a certain Megan that she was frequently seen with. He didn’t want to give us her information though and we had to leave so Tom, an other man apparently investigating this case, would get the information that we needed. Megan Roberts lives on 212 Sicomore avenue.

Our inquiry continued to the police station, where we found a wall. There was no question on giving us any details about the case, even less to let us see the suspect. Still, they were king enough to give us the name of his lawyer, a certain Ty Goodman.

I will invesigate firther tomorow.

Sunday June 26th 1922

In the morning I celebrated the mess with you. Our fellow christians were really worried by what had happend the other day in the graveyard and our mess was almost exclusively destined to appease thier fears. After you got mad at Mr Shatner because of his questionable articles, I realized that rumors and speculations where on everyone’s lips. I also noticed that Mr Goodman, the suspect’s lawyer, was there so I decided to have a chat with him.

Apparently the suspect had not been accused yet. Mr Shatner then decided to jump in the conversation and ask many questions to Goodman who didn’t seem to know a lot more than us. Still, he was very cooperative. I stayed at the church with you to finish with the mess celebrations and met with the others at the Hansen News headquarters.

When I got there, Mr Shatner was being yelled on by his boss because someone apparently decided to impersonate the murderer in one of the creepy storis he wrote. When the situation calmed down, we went through the archives of the journal and found out that a dozen of such attacks had been reported in the passed few years. Paul left for the radio station office as Tom and I went to see if we could find Megan Roberts.

When we got to the Robert’s residence but not one was there. We then decided to knock ont the neighbor’s door where a woman opened and told us that the Roberts had left for the summer, but that Megan was still in town. She will tell Megan to come to the curch when she sees her. I then went back to my appartment and slept for the night.

It’s interesting to see that many people are interested by this affair…

Monday June 27th 1922

In the morning, right after you told me that you wanted me to report everything that goes on durring the investigation, a police officer came to me and asked me to come and testify tomorow. I hope to find out more about went on the other night.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully as I remained at the church to pray and to comfort the parishioners, still traumatised by friday night’s events.

Tuesday June 28th 1922

When I woke up this morning, I prepared the morning mess and then grabbed somthing to eat. I then went to the police station to make my statement. They all put us in a small room, where I saw some friendly faces, but also some new people that I had only seen in the cemetery, right after the murder.

After a couple of minutes, I was summoned into detective Paul Todd’s office where he questioned me. He didn’t want to admit it, but I know he suspected me of something since I was the first one to arrive on the scene. I told him that I had spent the night with you and I think that, in the end, he discarded me as a potential suspect.

Everyone went to testify, one on one with detective Todd. When everyting was done, the detective gave us more information. Aparently, without any more evidence that what we had seen ourselves in the cemetary, they were going to charge him with third degree murder. I guess, that justice will simply follow his course and that there is nothing that we can do to change that.

It doesn’t look promising for this poor man. His wife seemed just as shocked as we all were.

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After the questioning at the police station, we all wen to the Orange Stump to unwind and have a drink. After that, Ty Goodman let us into his office so we could work on the case a bit more.

There, he told us that his client had previously caught for stealing a rake in a local farmer’s barn. That is why he asked Ty for his services . Apparently, the night he was found at the cimetary, he was going to meet with Robyn, with whom he had an affair. According to what he told his lawyer, Bobby Dean found Bonnie Paige already dead when he got to the cemetary.

After he explained to us the circumstances that had lead to thier encounter, Ty had to go get his wife at the train station. We all went back to the bar where our waitress, Theresa Wiles seemed still on shock of what happened the other night, especially since she saw the body of the poor girl. We had a drink and agreed on meeting again later at the cimetary to investigate further more.

At night, I had asked everyone to meet me at the church. Ty and Paul where the first to show up and we decided to start investigation right away. As we were walking around the fence, we realised that someone or something had made a huge hole in the graveyard’s fence. A few seconds later the others showed up and we all noticed some tracks on the ground. We followd them as they lead us to a small bosk. The journalist then realised that he forgot to bring his camera. He hoped into his car and rushed back home to get it as we waited.

During that time, we all went on the murder site and found some odd claw marks on the ground. Paul took a few shots of the marks but we had to run away as we heard the police sierens coming towards us. It didn’t took us a long time to all start running aways. No one really trusts the law inforcement in this town and we didn’t feel like waiting to see what the police would do. We ran in the woods, and I think the police didn’t see us since we were able to flee without being caught.

Paul told us we could hide at his house, but he changed his mind when he realised that his wife would be there. Tom then told us that we could go to his place. As we got there though, we found out that Robyn was missing. Where could she be? We left with Tom’s car to see if we could find her. We didn’t find her and when Tom droped us close to the church, Paul and I got stoped by the police, but they had nothing on us so they let us go.

After, I simply went straight to bed.

Wednesday June 29th 1922

When I woke up, I had a quick brakefast, and then went straight to the church for the morning mass. Afterwards, I decided to go meet the other who were at Ty Goodman’s office. We than went to the library and I looked for a book that spoke about beasts in the region. All I could find though was a fantasty novel that had been written and even signed by a certain Will Bardem. As I asked to the librarian for more informations on this author, Cecilia Bardem started laughing and told us that she wes in fact the author of ‘’The Woodman’’, a fantasy novel that took place in the town of Hansen.

The young woman told us that she found the town to be inspiring for the writing of her stories. She also to us about the history of Hansen, which had previously been a small mining town and that in 1858, Saint-Margarette’s hospital had burned down. The most interesting thing though was when she told us that her novel was inspired by the correspondance of a miner and his wife. The letters were still in Boston, but she told us that she would bring them the next time she would come to Hansen, on Saturday.

Friday August 1st 1922

I just finished reading ‘’The Woodman’’ and, I have to admit, it is really disturbing. It speaks about a creature that would have been created following an horrible experimentation and that lurks in the woods, terrorizing people. This experimentation, is technically the transformation of man into a tree because of a certain mushroom. It’s hands have the shape of roots and his body is all torn, like the stem of a tree would be.

As I write these lines, I still don’t know what to tink about all this… I have to admit that the simple thought of the Woodman himself chills my blood and gives me shivers.

Saturday August 2nd 1922

When I woke up in the morning, I celebrated the morning mass and then went straight to the library to meet with Celia Bardem. She gave us the letters. They were old peices of paper that she had put into frames. There were ten of them and they seemed to have an increasing level of madness, as the few last ones were written with what seemed to had been written in blood. I put the transcription of the letters in the appendix of this report.

An other intersting fact Celia mentionned that day was that the description of the Woodman was based on a report she had read at the hospital. Maybe someone there could tell us more about this.

As this whole story unfolds, it seems that what was a simple murder is now something that is quite intriguing -yet scary.

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In the after noon we headed to that stange lake where things seem to be happening. At first, we didn’t really know what to do, so we decided to walk around it.

As we were walking on the small municipal beach, we found what looked like a golden earing in the mud. One of us mentioned that it looked a lot like the earing Megan wore on the picture we had of her. Could this be hers?

We kept going, in hope to find more about this earing. At a certain point, Robyn noticed something in the woods, but it must have been an animal. We then started walking on the path that goes around the lake. We proceeded for about an hour when something moved no too far from us that was comming towards us. Paul, like an idiot he is, pulled out his gun and pointed it at the man that came out of the woods. It was Curtis Hansen, a local promoter. He seemed shocked that our journalist companinon was pointing a gun at him. We apologized, and he left somewhat offended. One day, I told myself, this attitude will put him in deep trouble…

The rest of the path was quiet and when we came back to the beach, we hoped into our cars and we decided to head to St-Margaret hospital. There, we spoke to Leny Payne, who told us that the woman we were seeking was long gone, but when she was here, she constantly bragged about a creature that was trying to catch her. We were allowed to see her room. The walls were covered in filth and she had drawn black eyes all over them. Apparently she hanged herself.

We found out that her story concured with what Celia Bardem had told us, and that the writer came here to collect facts. The other inmates seemed quite disturbed. I can hardly imagine how anyone could get better while beign held within these walls. When we were finished there, I went straight back home and gent to bed.

Durring the night though, a loud police truck siren woke me up. I got dressed and rushed outside, only to find out that the fire came from a residential area of town. I started running an as I got closer, I realized that Ty Goodman’s house was on fire. The others had made it there and we decided to rush inside to see if Ty and his wife were still alive. As I entred the blaze, I found Ty’s wife nailed to the dinning room’s table, completely naked. Paul and Tom tried to pull her out. I kept going and finaly found Ty, nailed to the wall with wooden stakes that looked like big peices of roots. Strange fact; he was holding a book. The blaze was too stong though and Robyn and I had to flee the scene. Robyn could save to book and, when we got outside, I told Leroy, one of the fire fighters that Ty was still trapped in there, but the poor man died as the entire house collapsed.

Obviously, all the fire fighters found our presence there quite strange. Whene the police got there, the took us and put us to jail.

Sunday August 3rd 1922

Nothing really happened durring that day, as we were all detained at the police station. I felt quite humiliated being held responsible in such way, especially considering the horrible nature of the crime…

Monday August 4th 1922

In the morning , detective Paul Todd came to my cell and asked a bunch of questions. Since I had little to no answers to give him, he simply let me go, as he did the same thing for the others. Obviously, Paul kept arguing and he was kept for a longer period of time, but around noon, everyone was released.

The others then went to search some informations in the town’s archives as I prepared the Goodmans funeral. Apparently, the book that Ty was holding was a little briefcase containing a few informations. One of them was an adress connected to the Hardwood family, and old cabin in the woods near the lake. When I was done preparing the funerals for the day, I went to meet the others at the town’s archives.

In the Town Hall’s lobby, we fond Curtis Hansen who apparently wants a permit to cut down trees around the lake to build more houses. I guess this is what we could call progress in this day and age. The secretary in the lobby told us to to talk to Dereck Summers who is in charge of the archives. I then managed to find a paper that spoked about the Hardwood family. Apparently, this family owned a plot of land that they decided to abandon to in order to buy an house in town and also a farm. An other paper stated that the Hardwood had done a lot of exploration and a lot of prospection around Hansen.

So we decided to seek out that cabin. We thought it could provide us valuable information about this whole case. With what had happened two days ago, I didn’t want to take any chances and borrowed a shovel to Mr. Wilson so I could use it as a weapon if we ever stumbled on what had killed the Goodmans. I met the others at the beach Tom had brought his horse and we started following a map that led us to the cabin. It was pouring rain, and all our clothes were soaked in rain.

We then got inside the cabin and found a place that had been abandoned for a while now. Everything was dusty and a big whole was on the floor of the single room of the cabin. It didn’t take long before we started to search the place and Paul found a map that indicated the location of the mine. When we decided to head back, we realized that it was raining too much and that going back would be hazardous.

Spending the night there was the only option for us. Later, Paul went down into the wole and found two dead bodies under the floor. Theyr apparently had been left there for some time since there was only thier skeleton left. We were all really shocked about this finding and all decided that it would be better not all sleep at once. Tom then took the first shift and he went outside as he heard something. In the darkness, he spoted something close to his horse. As soon as he got inside, he shared that information with us and I felt like it was time for us to leave. My companions however thought that it would be much safer to stay here, so we barricaded ourselves inside the cabin, moving a big wooden wardrobe on the window and the big table over the wole in the floor.

I then managed to find some sleep, but at a certain point, Tom woke us up, terrified by what he just had seen. We all rushed outised only to find Tom’s horse hanging on tree by his intestines. It was by far one of the most terrifying this I had had ever seen. I then rushed inside with the others and, after a short period of time, we started hearing noises under our feet. The table we had put over the wole then started moving, so I jumped on it to prevent it from letting whatever if was inside. It then stoped moving and we didn’t hear anything for a good minute of two.

All of a sudden, something tried to open the door. Tom and I rushed to the door and tried to hold it closed and succeeded. He then tried to move the big wardrobe to see if he could take a glimpse at the creature through the window, but it attacked him through it. When he managed to break free, the crature was once again gone, and it didn’t take too long before we heard noises again in the floor. It then destroyed the table into peices letting the wole completely open. As I thought that the creature could be after that leather notebook, I threw it in the wole. The others seemed furious at me for doing such a thing and Paul had the nerves of putting his arm in the wole to retreive it.

After a couple of seconds, we heard noise again comming from outside. Paul, who had his gun pulled out fired a couple of shot through the door, and suddenly everything became really quiet. We all thought that he had killed the creature, but when we opened the door, we found the body of Detective Paul Todd, covered in gunshot wounds. This is all lost, I told myself. Killing a police officer is a crime that could get us all on the electric chair. But one question remained, what was he doing there?

We argued all night, trying to decide what to do. The others wanted to burrow him there, like a dog, but I objected with all my energy. In the morningn though, I resigned and we decided ot burry him. When I opened the door, I found his body still there, lying dead. The horse however was gone… We burried him and I recited a couple of prayers hoping to ease up his way to paradise. We then went back to town.

I will understand it you denounce me to the police one I hand in this report. I still don’t know why I didn’t object more to this slander, but I think I was just too shocked about what had happened that night. I can only hope God will have mercy on me when I meet him.

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