Ty Goodman

Well Dressed Defense Lawyer


Ty Goodman did the best he could with what he had. And he didn’t do too bad.

He grew up in Detroit in the early 1900s and was an only child. His father worked on steam engines, even brushed shoulders with Henry Ford himself once. As a mechanic, his father had a good job and so Ty grew up as spoiled as his parents could make him.

Ty’s mother raised him at home until he was 14, but she got deathly ill shortly after and died that year of influenza and pneumonia. He started working that summer, doing hard work and chores outside. Ty didn’t like this hot, sweaty, smelly hard work. After the next year at school, he begged and pleaded until his father gave in, and in the summer of his 15th year he went to work with his father, learning how steam engines work in trains. However, this meant shoveling coal most of the day, but at least he was with his father.

Ty went off to college after finishing at the local school, his father paying most of his way to the University of Chicago. He was finally out on his own. He still needed a job though, and worked in a shop repairing bicycles and carts and anything they could get ahold of with wheels. Eventually he was able to even work on a Model T as they grew in popularity.

Ty loved the university life. He was like a new person in Chicago. His father was paying most of his tuition and he enjoyed his job. He set a new life goal to no longer have to do the things he didn’t enjoy. And that meant getting creative sometimes… he didn’t enjoy some of the classes he had to take, so he cheated his way through them. He did enjoy a good argument, so joined the debate club and excelled there. He didn’t enjoy the police, so he avoided them and started to learn how to deal with them. Thus began his interest in law.

Ty started dating Anna his second year at U of C. He was introduced from a classmate, and it turned out she was actually going to U of C as well. Ty was immediately drawn to her, amazed at her intellect as he just simply was not used to women being not only as intelligent, but well grounded as she was. It seemed she really knew how the world worked around her, and she used it to her advantage. It didn’t take long for the two of them to get married — Ty was only in his second year of college.

Ty’s interest in law led him to the University of Chicago law school, from which he graduated 4 years ago now in 1918. He wasn’t top of his class by any means, but he passed all the right tests, knew how to get out of trouble (or cheat) when he didn’t pass all the right tests, and got his diploma. Law school was difficult for him, and while he enjoyed the law, he didn’t enjoy all the heavy studying that was required to take and pass all these tests…

Ty’s mistrust of the police and his new degree in law quickly led him to a small defense attorney’s office in Chicago. He had to earn his own way and was encouraged to find his own clients. It was a very slow start on a very meager salary until he landed his first big client… Jimmy Starson. Jimmy was in trouble with the police, who kept harrassing him and trying to search his house. And his other house. And his office. And his other building… Ty quickly figured out that Jimmy was super rich, at least compared to what he’s used to.

Ty worked at keeping the police out of Jimmy’s life, and Jimmy paid him well. Ty quickly learned that Jimmy was making money… illegally, but it was protected by the client-lawyer privilidge and all. And Ty was jealous of the easy money much moreso than he was bothered by the laws being broken. So he became Jimmy’s go to guy for 2 years and learned quite a few things about narcotics along the way as well. Jimmy paid very well and Ty loved it.

Over that 2 year period, Ty learned a lot about criminal life. He learned to have friends in low places, found out who the competition was, and learned how to score drugs if he wanted them. Ty stayed away from it though, mostly for professional reasons. But he learned, and he made use of that knowledge when it benefitted him.

In 1920, the police force in Chicago was getting stronger and stronger. They were at war with the mob in Chicago, and that was not good for Ty and Jimmy. Jimmy’s house got raided, two of Jimmy’s associates were shot and killed in an ensuing shootout. Jimmy was quickly arrested for possession and sale of quite a few different narcotics, and some other charges thrown in there due to the fight that broke out. Ty was convinced that it was not a lawful search and seizure and tried to get the case thrown out, but the judicial system was strongly in favor of the DAs at the time, especially for anything that might be mob related… and it sure didn’t help that they fired on the police as they entered! Ty didn’t know if Jimmy’s work was mob related or not, but that didn’t matter to the judge. Jimmy was sentenced to 30 years in prison and Ty was embarrassed and furious over losing his biggest client. It was time to start over in a new town.

His wife was sick of her part time secretarial job anyway, so Ty and Anna moved to a smaller town outside of Arkham, near Boston. He needed to get far away from Chicago… Jimmy sure wasn’t happy with him and Jimmy had all sorts of mean friends. Anna found a new job in town as a sales clerk in a clothing store, which let her spend her money the same place she earned it. Ty was just happy he didn’t have to pay for all those clothes out of his own pocket… He had the money, but Ty almost always saw the money he earned as his own, and often hid cash from his wife.

He also bought a pistol and a shotgun upon moving to town, to protect his wife and his assets. After seeing the police abuse their power in Chicago, and seeing that his clients were likely carrying, he needed to be able to protect himself.

Ty was able to buy a small office and set up a new law firm in town. “Goodman Defense” he called it, which of course is ironic as most of the men he would defended were likely not good men. He has a secretary there part time as well. From what he learned in Chicago, it didn’t take Ty long to find the local drug trade and make his own business. He made a friend in the police department who could be bought, and with his help, convinced his newest big client (Bryan) that he needed the best defense lawyer in town, which of course, was Ty Goodman.

Bryan pays Ty well now and is his biggest client. Ty pays off his man in the police once a month, but its a fraction of what he gets paid, and life is good. Other clients come in from time to time, and if Ty can’t get them off the hook he presses them to settle. Ty hasn’t actually been back to court since he lost his case for Jimmy in Chicago and will do everything he can to stay out of an actual trial – getting the case thrown out of course is the best, but there are always plea bargains… or bribes… or having the client make a run for it. It’s all fair game to Ty Goodman.

Ty Goodman

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