CoC: Awakening

Robyn's Diary
The thoughts of a troubled Woman

Friday, week 1 (The corpse)

Well this is it, been a long time since i gave any thought to keepin a diary but god do i need one now. My bobby’s been arrested and how I’m gunna get him out is… complicated. I feel like keeping this might keep me grounded and keep me focused on what the hell is goin on with Bobby’s case….as well as coping with life. It worked before until i moved out here but then i was hardly in any shape to keep a diary goin.

Today was gunna be a good day, after work was gunna meet Bobby for our usual high class dinner at our favourite diner. Work was pretty uneventful, same kids with colds and other lil’ scrapes. After work though i got rounded up in that stupid bar thing. Of course the pigs decided i was apart of it, as sober as i was. After taking a bunch of stupid questions i was back on my way.

When i reached the graveyard the cops were already there and a group of people. I knew one was the guy who wrote those stupid supernatural stories, and boy, did the scene almost look like one. The scene was pretty bloody and the poor body of a woman was torn to hell.

And of course, i saw Bobby. He looked pretty beat up and bloody in the back of that police car, of course. Well i couldn’t help at the scene and Bobby clearly needed me. So i followed the car.

The cops wouldn’t let me in, but i met Mr Goodman. He was extremely polite and seemed genuinely interested in Bobby…he didn’t judge. A mighty fine man i needed him to represent Bobby so i pleaded, god did i plead for him to take Bobby’s case and Mr Goodman, god bless him, took it on. I have to fill some papers out in the morning and the first payment at 11. Hopefully Dr Mcgee will give me some time off.

Saturday week 1
Signed the papers and paid Mr Goodman. Hopefully Mr Goodman let me visit Bobby. Work was pretty tough, so i had some dinner and decided to meet Mr Goodman later for a drink. We discussed what had been going on, Bobby’s accused theft and what had been going on. I hope Mr Goodman can turn up something.

Oh, and some snotty barman questioned us too! I mean i don’t really mind curious town folk but god did it rub me up the wrong way. Tom i think his name was…

Sunday, week 1
Went to the service of the poor girl. Most of the towns think think Bobby did it (though some think it was some kind of animal, which would make sense from what the paper said) and that reporter, Tom and a priest seem like the only people trying to genuinely investigate whats went on. The talked to Mr Goodman about what they’d found so far (I couldn’t help but listen in, needed that cigarette) and up on Bobby.

I wanted to join them but…i got responsibilities and what, well, how i approach three white guys and sound not raving mad.

Went though the daily rountine, settling in my cafe reading that juicy book! But…i couldn’t help but try and find out a few things of my own. I asked the local gravedigger and got nothng but gotta try right.

Monday, week 1
Work, dinner, sleep, Hope Bobby is ok,

Tom's Journal

It has been a long time since I have wanted to remember what happened to me in a day, so this is the first entry in this journal in over 5 years.

The week started like any other, wake up, work at the farm, drink, work, sleep. Rinse repeat. There was talk around town about Bobby Dean causing trouble, but that is nothing new. There was that odd shape I saw in the woods near my farm, but I just figured it was my imagination playing tricks on the trees. Looking back, maybe not. Who knows?

But I am getting ahead of myself. Friday started like any other, so I was pretty lit by the time I got to work, and Lee informed me that the police were planning on harassing the customers tonight. I don’t know where Lee gets his information, but it is always accurate. Lee told me to warn a few of the better customers to leave before the police showed up. Paul was in the bar bragging about his latest story, so I sent him several extra drinks. That man has clearly never experience true horror, so maybe a night in jail will be good for him.

With the police stationed out front, the bar died down quickly, and Lee sent Teresa and I home early. I offered to walk her home, and things were going well until we heard a scream coming from the cemetery. By the time we got there, several people were standing over the body of a woman. It was Bonnie Roberts, she had come into the bar a few times, just a young girl, seemed nice. Now she was dead, with three slashes in her back. As the coroner was taking her off, I noticed a piece of wood sticking out of one of her wounds.

Paul and Father Theo were still around, and the three of us talked about what we had seen. It turns out I was not the only who had seen something odd this week. With the excitement over, I took Teresa home and decided to turn in myself. The next morning I went about my normal routine, I told Wolfe all about the girls death, and found out that the police had found Bobbie Dean in the cemetery covered in blood, and had arrested him.

Later that day, I ran into Paul and Father Theo, apparently they were trying to dig into what happened last night. With nothing better to do, I decided to help them out. They were heading over the the library to see if they could find out something about Bonnie’s friend Megan. While they were talking to the librarian, I tried talking to the other young girl at the library, but she didn’t know Megan or Bonnie.

I could hear that Paul and Father Theo were getting no where getting information out of Mr. Gourd, so I decided to help them. I pointed out to Mr. Gourd that we were worried about Megan, and were just trying to help her, and he let slip that her last name was Roberts. A couple minutes in the phone book, and I found the Roberts address, 212 Sycamore.

The three of us headed there, and it didn’t look like anyone had been around in weeks, so I knocked on the neighbors doors until I found someone. Apparently the Roberts were out of town, but Megan was staying at the house by herself. It looks like we hit a bit of a dead end here. I went with Paul and Father Theo to the newspaper to go through the archives looking for information about the Roberts and any other mysterious animal attacks and disappearances. We found a few occurrences, but nothing exactly like what happened to Bonnie.

Things were pretty quiet for a couple days until we got summoned to the police station to give our statements. In addition to myself, Paul and Father Theo were there, along with Bobbie Dean’s lawyer Ty Goodman, and Bobbie’s girlfriend Robyn. I gave my statement, and was getting pretty pissed at this flatfoot, treating me like a criminal. After I gave my statement, I was sent to the waiting room, and ended up talking to Ty Goodman. We exchanged what information we had learned, and I agreed to help him find out the truth about what happened to Bonnie.

The others came into the room and we all started talking. It turns out none of us believe Bobbie had anything to do with the murder, and all of us wanted to figure out what really happened.

Vatican's Archives
Father Desruisseaux's report to Father Michael - Parish of Hansen

File number: BA 143-8873

Section: North America – Parish of Hansen

Description: Father Desruisseaux’s report to father Michael concerning the undisclosed events that occured in the town of Hansen, NH in the summer of 1922.

Classification: Not to be released.

Status: Unsolved

Ty Goodman Case Files
New Case: Bobby Dean

Bobby first came to me a week or so ago, accused of stealing. He said he was innocent but did admit he was tresspassing. There was no evidence to hold him so he was still free and working.

He couldn’t afford my rate, so I gave him some free advice to not be tresspassing anymore and to be careful as the police were watching him closely.

I mentioned it to my wife, but she was more interested in her trip to Boston over the weekend and would just wonder why I’m bothering with a black thief who can’t pay…

Friday night on my way home I heard a scream, as did quite a few others, and ran towards it at the graveyard. A girl had been attacked and killed there. The scene looked pretty brutal, and someone pronounced her dead.

When the police arrived, apparently Bobby was found hiding in the bushes. I later found out that he was supposed to meet his girlfriend, Robyn, in the graveyard, and had heard the scream and just had been the closest one at the time to try to help the poor girl.

I didn’t get a great look at the wounds as I was more concerned with Bobby. They took him back to the station and I tried to get in to talk to him – the rookie Danny Parker sure is getting on my nerves, he wouldn’t let me in without proof that I was officially Dean’s lawyer. Which of course I wasn’t. But I did meet Robyn there and heard her story — the girlfriend of Bobby who was supposed to meet him at the graveyard. She offered to pay my retainer, although I had to give a discounted rate, to represent Bobby.

I finished up the paperwork Saturday morning, Robyn stopped by to pay me, and got it signed by Bobby at the station. I took the rest of the day off.

Both Saturday night and Sunday after church I spoke with several concerned citizens including Robyn, Paul Shatner, Tom Sullivan, and Theo the priest. They all seemed to have an interest in the case, but I was being careful about what I said as some of my information was privilidged now that I’m officially the lawyer on the case… They seemed very interested and were trying to find a friend of the victim. I told them to keep me informed, and took the business card for Paul Shatner… who writes bogus stories. But still, a contact in the press is useful.

Monday I received an evidence packet, including:
-What seems to be a picture of a wooden pichfork with a piece broken off its tip, as well as the broken peice

-The coorner report suggests that someone had murdered the girl with a similar object

-The fork appears to be the murder weapon and was accessable, also the woman was bruised, but no form of rape was found

-The investigators believe they found signs of a scuffle in the gravyard, broken turf
(see copies in file)

I reviewed the evidence on Monday and didn’t find anything spectacular.

On Tuesday we were called in for questioning. Their questions to me were very standard and boring, but they were questioning me at the same time as several of the others I’d talked to earlier — Robyn, Theo, Tom, and Paul. They were at the scene too so I guess it makes sense. We got to talking more and more and it seems these may be useful people to work with.

When Robyn finished her interview, she was crying. She said they were charging Mr Dean with rape and murder. I said there was clearly death, but from what I saw, there was clearly not rape. Something wasn’t right.

The investigator finally came and told me the official charges. First degree murder and attempted rape.

I asked about the evidence supporting the charges — apparently the pitchfork had actually been found — not that it was clear by the documents I was sent… and was among the items stolen from Ramon Huff. This really doesn’t seem like a planned, premeditated murder by any means, but I guess they can charge whatever they want and change it later. They said he was meeting his girlfriend who apparently stood him up, so got horny and assaulted the first girl he saw with a pitchfork which for some reason he had on him, and tried to rape her. And somehow failed at raping her, even though he allegedly killed her.

I’m not sure how you can prove “attempted rape” on someone who was clearly not raped, is dead, and there were no witnesses to. So I’m hoping that charge just gets thrown out as it seems rediculous.

The murder charge they seem to have the evidence to support for now, but clearly not first degree murder. Even the events they themselves conjecture happened is not consistant with first degree murder, but a murder of passion. So, another bogus charge.

Surely it will get dropped to second degree or even manslaugher, and the attempted rape charge dropped, soon. I guess that’s my job.

Anyway, the officer and I went and told Bobby about the charges. I’ll include his responses and anything else relevant in my next report.

Hansen News Headlines
Tuesday June 28th 1922

Woman found Dead after hours in Hansen Graveyard!

Suspect, Bobby Dean arrested. Police deny comments.

Six arrests in drunken fiasco.

Owner Lee comments that this is not the first time police have raided his establishment.

Potential dangerous animal threat.

Keep an eye on your children, and do not go hiking without taking proper precautions.

Paul's log 1

Report #1

I’m not sure of the format I should be using to write this, so I guess I’m just gonna tell the whole story. It all started when I wrote this now famous article about my encounter with werewolves in Montana. It got pretty good reception so I was invited to tape it for Dave Jackson’s radio show. I was pretty pumped about it to be honest. He then took me out to drink at the bar.

As I left, I heard a scream coming from the graveyard. I ran over there and found it, a body, a young girl about 16 years old with three big gashes across her back. I was pretty stunned. I stayed on the scene until the police came and took the body along with the suspect, a black guy that was hiding in the bushes, covered in blood. He looked pretty frightened to be honest.

I went back home, thinking I could use what I saw as inspiration for my new story, which I now realise is quite inhumane of me. Anyways it didn’t quite pan out that way. I couldn’t get this image out of my head, it was too similar to what I had written and sadly, I’m not the only one who saw it. Through the week-end people around town started talking about it, thinking it was a copycat killer or something taking inspiration from my stories. I had to prove them wrong.

I first met up with a prest that was on the scene as well. Together we started following leads, we went to the victim’s house and talked with her mother, we didn’t learn much apart from the fact that she had been with her friend, a certain Megan Roberts. We then made our way to the morgue to try and get some info from the autopsy but all we got was that the surgeon compared it to a bear attack and found a thorn-like object lodged into one of her wounds.

Our subsequent search into the victim’s friend, Megan, managed to get us her adress but upon our visit to her house, we found that no one had picked up the newspaper at the door in weeks, yet it seemed that someone was living there as there was fresh food on the table inside as we had seen from the window. We also looked up the newspaper archives for clues about the Roberts family or similar attacks but we found nothing conclusive, apart of course for various people being killed in the woods by wild beasts but that is to be expected when you live so close to the forest.

Either way, I tried to get Jackson not to put my story on the radio but it was sadly too late. We didn’t manage to get much further into our investigation apart from that until tuesday where me, the priest, Tom a guy we had also met up with that had been at the scene, The suspect’s lawyer and the suspect’s girlfriend had all been summoned to the police station to file a witness report.

I gave mine although I think that the fact that I was under the influence may lead them to dismiss my report.

Since I now have to prove my innocence and the suspect’s lawyer also has to gain from proving the suspect’s innocence, we grouped up. It seems that the man is being charged for murder along with rape. It all doesn’t add up though, we really have to figure out why.

Anyhow, that’s pretty much all I got for the past couple days, not much to go on but we got a few leads and I have some good people to help me through the investigation. Hopefully these future reports will help clear my name so I can come back to writing my stories as I am accustomed to.


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