Creation Details

Stat block generation is done on Map tools,

Each player is allowed a total of 5 rolls.

If you decide to re-roll your Stats, your old results are scraped and cannot be used.

After your Happy with a roll. (or run out) you can then adjust your rolls, swapping like rolls (3d6’s or 2d6+6’s)

After your stats are in place you can pick an occupation and apply any occupation adjustments to your stats.

The skills listed under the occupation are, your “occupation skills” and should be highlighted on your character sheet. you then have, 15 x your Education Stat, points to apply to these skills. Keep in mind you cannot raise any skill above 75% to start.

(some skills may start higher due to high stats *Own language for example, that is ok)

After your occupation skills are placed, you then have personal skills. these skills show personal interest outside of the work place.

you start with 10xINT Personal skills, and they can be applied anywhere. (these skills should also be highlighted in a different colour)

Based on your Occupation, and occupation skill level the Gm will give you a Income value.

Please reference income here.

The Values listed under income show you how much funds you have earned to date as well as your yearly income, and cash on hand.

Assets determine your style of living, this is your house, car, and education, major trips. Any value left over in assets is converted to furnishings for your house, art furniture, all represented by a single dollar value.

You can liquidate your assets into cash at 1/2 value within a year of putting them up for sale.

Your cash is what you can use to buy starting gear, weapons, clothing, tools.

Stocks and bonds, are basically savings. you can access these funds within a week of game time after visiting the bank.

Yearly income shows you roughly what you make in a year, and within a week (divide by 52)

Creation Details

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