Hansen (Town)

Hansen is a old Mining town west of Boston, of the Minerals found, Gold and Silver were the most common to be pulled out of its hillside.

When the mines ran dry, so did the town. Few families stayed on their stakes, content to live off the land, while others travelled further west to find their fortunes.

in 1858 the St. Margaret’s Hospital for the Mentally Ill, was built as a reclusive “Resort” for the wealthy, yet disturbed. The town was a perfect setting, with abandoned housing and facilities for construction staff, close to natural sites, like Hansen Lake, and a forest backdrop to calm its residents.

During the Civil War, the Mental Hospital was reformed into Military hospital, and facilities were built to house the the recovering soldiers. The Beautiful landscape caught the eye of many soldiers, and after the fighting stopped many returned to build a life in its woods.

The Hospital was returned to its original Purpose in 1881 as a new Hospital was built to facilitate the growing town.

The town, grew with many old Families, but once again saw near abandonment during the First world war. Many returning soldiers were Sent to St. Margaret’s to recover, and few stayed.

Hansen, is a 30 minute drive to Bedford, where one can take a train to Arkham (1.5 hours) or drive scenically (3.5 Hours).

Boston is only 30 min from Arkham by train hour by car, and New York, another 4.5 hours.

Recently the town has seen additional growth as the next Boom community outside of Boston, Developers are looking to its Crystal blue lake as a potential resort location, while real estate sell the location as a “Country Retreat from the bustling city life.” Others see the land as an investment, to buy now and turn a profit when the town grows.

Hansen (Town)

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