House Rules

Adventure Log:

Witting down your experiences in a journal like format will grant your character the ability to hone their skills and strengthen their grip on reality.

2d2 Sanity Gain instead of 1d3.

Two skills can be improved by 1d6 instead of 1d4.

Failure to write a log will cause you to instead lose 1d2 Sanity, and two skills are decreased by 1d2


At the end of every session please send in your vote for…

Most entertaining player.


Most valuable player.

These votes are to be done anomalously and you cannot vote for your self.

MVP rewards grant a skill increase of 1 to any two skills or 1d3 sanity.


Having a Family will help you maintain your sanity, something stable to come back home to.

For each family member (wife/husband and kids) you receive 1 extra sanity when you include them in your adventure log.

Each member will be added into your “weekly costs” for meals expenses.

Should a family member die, you must make a Sanity Check or loose 2/1d10 1d6 sanity (wife) or 1d6 / 3d4 sanity (children) + funeral Costs

Your family are NPC’s run by the GM.

Darker the Better

Experiences should be real, and not include anything mythos, or cult related. Better rewards are given to personal darkness, like actions your player may have done that he is ashamed of.

When writing your back-story feel free to include a bit of darkness in your past. the more plot hooks you can give the Gm the better.

of course with Darkness there is always light, for including this element in your character creation. you will also receive 1-25% in a GM selected Skill and an additional 1-5 to a Gm selected Primary Stat .

You also may lose some of your starting Sanity to deal with the effect.

House Rules

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