Paul Shatner


Paul was born in Boston, At school, he wasn’t the strongest, he wasn’t the smartest, he wasn’t good looking nor was he good at sports. He was an outcast. he didn’t even get the privilege of getting bullied, he was simply ignored. He felt like a ghost. He spent most of his time reading books. He had a thing for books about monsters. He dreamed of having a cool life hunting vampires and things of that nature. He dreamed of being famous and loved by everyone, he wanted everyone to know who he was.

His parents died while he was in college. He was studying communication, pursuing a career in journalism. Over at college he started lying extensively about his life. He would tell anyone who would care to listen about how his parents died murdered in their house in some supernatural events that the police disregarded and classified as a suicide. It was all bogus, they had died in a car crash. But he found that he got enjoyment out of people taking interest into his made up life, so he kept doing it.

Once he graduated he found his way back home and settled in his old house where he started working at a local paper, reporting on various things that happened locally. He started falling into the same rut, people just didn’t really care about him and even his employers seemed not to notice him, some of his articles wouldn’t even make print even though he was getting paid for them. So he pursued a different avenue. He joined a smaller paper in the small town of Hansen where his boss allowed him to print fake stories about him travelling the country searching and hunting creatures like vampires and shapeshifters. He liked it and started pretending to everyone around him that those stories were true and that he was living that life.

Paul started dedicating his entire life to this lie, he bought himself weapons and hunting equipment, even learned to use it a little bit just so he seemed convincing when speaking to people. He was living a lie and loving every minute of it.

Amidst all this mess, he did manage to find love. Ellen, a woman almost as broken as he was. Unable to conceive a child and not necessarily a looker, she was able to look past all of Paul’s lies and love him for who he was, a dreamer, a man of ambition. He married her a couple months after they met and they have been living a happy married life ever since. Ellen played into his lies and whenever it would be brought up, she would talk to people as if she believed and witnessed all of her husband’s exploits. After all, those exploits are what’s putting food on their table.

Paul Shatner

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