Robyn Fenton

Intelligent, good looking and eyes that hide a pain


Robyn is an African-American woman never seen without her signature black coat, practical working dress and shoes. Her deep brown eyes and brown hair compliment her natural beauty.


Born in 1895 and an only child of green grocer parents meant a pretty good life in their neighborhood of Chicago. While space was pretty cramped in the flat above their shop they were happy enough. Robyn had a pretty normal childhood, when not helping out at the shop she played with the other kids and attended school, to which she excelled.

She was constantly reminded that as an African American woman, she was pretty much the lowest of the low in the eyes of most ‘ignorant’ people and unfortunately they formed the majority of her world. But she soon created what her mother called ‘the wall’, to take the pain on the inside but never reflect those feelings outwardly. With this, Robyn stomached the ignorance and passed High school with the highest of grades. She wanted to help people but the thought of an African-American woman doctor was too much to ask for so she settled for a career in nursing and attended the Lincoln School of Nursing with her parents full backing situated in Durham.

Robyn found that she flourished her. With just the ladies, her studies and working for experience, she knew that she found her calling. Being with teachers that didn’t put her down because of her colour or gender let her relax her ‘wall’. There were the hard times when patients didn’t make it, Robyn found that she could talk to them with ease and began to understand what made people tick. One of the teachers noted this gift and gave a few pointers on some of the recent psychological studies. She found it unceasingly easy too, to handle someones passing,

It wasn’t all work and no play. Sometimes she and the other ladies had time to drive out on the town. Visiting gallery’s, hitting up the town (in bars the accepted them) and hitting the swanker parts of town. Robyn couldn’t help it but she loved being adored and she found many a man that showed her a good time. But one in the last year of her studies made her heart flutter, Benjamin Fenton was a mighty fine fella. Cute, intelligent, knew all the fun parts of town. The feeling was mutual, she was the kinda of girl he could take down the range and be at awe of how she took to shooting the handguns! And the kinda of woman who definitely could keep up with him at the bar!

But in this year, the war began for America. Daddy and Benjamin were going away. Knowing that he may not come back, Ben purposed and Robyn accepted of course! The man of her dreams needed someone to come back too! Her parents didn’t agree with this sudden arrangement (and couldn’t get there in time, the wedding was done in a flash) but Robyn didn’t care. Her husband and Daddy would come home..they had too.

With Ben and Daddy gone, Robyn finished her studies becoming a full fledged nurse. She moved back home and worked at the local hospital. Robyn with Ma’s help brought a small house downtown and continued to work the long hours. She was happy with her work, her patients were her only solace in a world without Daddy and Ben.

Then the war ended. Ben came home. Her daddy didn’t. Ma continued run the grocer’s the best she could without her husband beside her. She and Robyn mourned him together. And for Ben, Robyn had a different kind of mourning. Ben came back, but it wasn’t the Ben she knew. This Ben was a rotten drunk. At first, Robyn tolerated it, they had a home and her husband must of seen terrible things, at least he was alive and with her. Maybe the Ben she knew would come back to her given time and being with her. So, Robyn worked double shifts to keep the house in order and her husband supplied in drink.

Then the accusations started, ’You’ve been sleeping around!’ ‘Your nothing but a waste of space, you call this double wages!?’

Then the beatings started.

Ben would beat her almost every other day. At first she thought it was truly her fault until it continued month after month, Year after year. Robyn was glad for her ‘wall’ her colleagues and patients never knew. This was her won personal hell, no one else should suffer it. She didn’t even tell Ma, because she had too much on her plate with daddy gone. She noticed during all this time that Ben never struck her face (in some ways she thanked him for that), nowhere that could be seen unless you completely undressed. It took calculation she noted. He calculated exactly what he did, it wasn’t the actions of a drunken man.

He knew what he was doing to her.

Thus she resolved to leave. Hansen, a town not to far from Boston. Perfect. A cheap apartment and a good chance of an easy job. Robyn packed up her things and quickly made the get away. Leaving Chicago for good. Leaving her husband for good and the life she had made.

This was a new life. A new beginning

Robyn Fenton

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