CoC: Awakening

Tom's Journal

It has been a long time since I have wanted to remember what happened to me in a day, so this is the first entry in this journal in over 5 years.

The week started like any other, wake up, work at the farm, drink, work, sleep. Rinse repeat. There was talk around town about Bobby Dean causing trouble, but that is nothing new. There was that odd shape I saw in the woods near my farm, but I just figured it was my imagination playing tricks on the trees. Looking back, maybe not. Who knows?

But I am getting ahead of myself. Friday started like any other, so I was pretty lit by the time I got to work, and Lee informed me that the police were planning on harassing the customers tonight. I don’t know where Lee gets his information, but it is always accurate. Lee told me to warn a few of the better customers to leave before the police showed up. Paul was in the bar bragging about his latest story, so I sent him several extra drinks. That man has clearly never experience true horror, so maybe a night in jail will be good for him.

With the police stationed out front, the bar died down quickly, and Lee sent Teresa and I home early. I offered to walk her home, and things were going well until we heard a scream coming from the cemetery. By the time we got there, several people were standing over the body of a woman. It was Bonnie Roberts, she had come into the bar a few times, just a young girl, seemed nice. Now she was dead, with three slashes in her back. As the coroner was taking her off, I noticed a piece of wood sticking out of one of her wounds.

Paul and Father Theo were still around, and the three of us talked about what we had seen. It turns out I was not the only who had seen something odd this week. With the excitement over, I took Teresa home and decided to turn in myself. The next morning I went about my normal routine, I told Wolfe all about the girls death, and found out that the police had found Bobbie Dean in the cemetery covered in blood, and had arrested him.

Later that day, I ran into Paul and Father Theo, apparently they were trying to dig into what happened last night. With nothing better to do, I decided to help them out. They were heading over the the library to see if they could find out something about Bonnie’s friend Megan. While they were talking to the librarian, I tried talking to the other young girl at the library, but she didn’t know Megan or Bonnie.

I could hear that Paul and Father Theo were getting no where getting information out of Mr. Gourd, so I decided to help them. I pointed out to Mr. Gourd that we were worried about Megan, and were just trying to help her, and he let slip that her last name was Roberts. A couple minutes in the phone book, and I found the Roberts address, 212 Sycamore.

The three of us headed there, and it didn’t look like anyone had been around in weeks, so I knocked on the neighbors doors until I found someone. Apparently the Roberts were out of town, but Megan was staying at the house by herself. It looks like we hit a bit of a dead end here. I went with Paul and Father Theo to the newspaper to go through the archives looking for information about the Roberts and any other mysterious animal attacks and disappearances. We found a few occurrences, but nothing exactly like what happened to Bonnie.

Things were pretty quiet for a couple days until we got summoned to the police station to give our statements. In addition to myself, Paul and Father Theo were there, along with Bobbie Dean’s lawyer Ty Goodman, and Bobbie’s girlfriend Robyn. I gave my statement, and was getting pretty pissed at this flatfoot, treating me like a criminal. After I gave my statement, I was sent to the waiting room, and ended up talking to Ty Goodman. We exchanged what information we had learned, and I agreed to help him find out the truth about what happened to Bonnie.

The others came into the room and we all started talking. It turns out none of us believe Bobbie had anything to do with the murder, and all of us wanted to figure out what really happened.


Last week was quite interesting, and this week was even more so. After giving our statements to the police, Paul, Ty, Father Theo and myself went over to the bar to talk about the case. Ty was more than happy to accept our help with Bobby’s case, and the rest of us were unusually drawn to it. Ty offered any of us the use of his office while his secretary was gone. By now it was time for me to get to work.

About half way through my shift, Robyn strolled into the bar. She was in rough shape, and just needed to forget for a little while. Well, she came to the right bartender. I poured us each a shot, and told her I thought Bobby was innocent, and would help prove it. The rest of the guys were walking around the cemetery to see if they could find any more clues, so I invited Robyn to join us.

We found Ty, Paul and Theo just outside the gate, which was taped off, and decided to walk the perimeter. On the East side of the fence, we found a large hole torn in the fence, partially behind one of the mausoleums. We entered the cemetery, and Theo noticed some deep claw marks halfway to the spot where Bonnie was killed. While we were looking at these, we saw a car pull up to the gate.

Recognizing a police car, we all slipped out the hole in the gate, and moved around to Paul’s house. Once the cops were clear, we went over to my house to talk about what we found. When we got there, we discovered Robyn wasn’t with us. Father Theo, Paul, and I got in my truck and went looking for Robyn. We couldn’t find here, so I dropped Paul and Theo off at the church, and went back home.

The next morning I went over to Paul’s office, and started going over all of the evidence. After a while, Paul and Theo showed up. Paul told us that he had gone over to Megan’s house and heard breaking glass. He went inside, but didn’t find anyone, but her bedroom was a mess, like it was tossed. I decided to go next door to the library, to see if Megan had been back there.

Megan hasn’t been back in, and Mr. Gourd didn’t have much new to tell us. Father Theo wandered off into the stacks, and came back out with a novel about some sort of human/tree monster. Father Theo was asking Mr. Gourd about the author, and I noticed him look at Cillia, who was trying to hide her laughter behind her hand. Then I remembered her last name, Bardem, which is the same as the author. I nudged Father Theo, and pointed to Cillia, “I believe the author is right here.”

Cillia told us all about her book, The Wood Man. She was inspired to come to Hansen and right the book after she found a series of letters written by a prospector named Rheinhart Wood before there was a town to his agent Mr. Hollis. Rheinhart and his wife Rachel came out here to strike it rich, and found a mine of some sort that seemed to change them. I was able to persuade Cillia to bring the letters back with here the next time she comes to town, which should be on Saturday.

The letters were quite creepy, and left a nagging sensation in the back of my mind. There weren’t any details in the letters that matched what Cillia wrote about in her book, then she told us about a woman she interviewed from this town whom was now living in an asylum. The women claimed she was bathing in the lake near town, and felt something watching here from the woods. This struck a nerve with me and reminded me of the sensation I felt the other day at the farm.

Paul mentioned that he saw a photo of Megan and Bonnie in bathing suits at the lake, so we all decided to check out the lake next, as there may be some sort of connection. As we were walking away from the Library, we noticed a bunch of cop cars in front of Megan’s house. I guess they finally caught onto the fact that she hasn’t been seen in a while.

Tom's Journal

After leaving the police station, we all decided to go down to the lake to see if we could find any leads. While walking around the beach, I stepped on an earring, and it matched the one Megan was wearing in the picture. We decided to walk around the lake, and Robyn told us she felt like something was watching her.

We made it around the like with no incident, other than Paul drawing his gun on a jogger. I was able to calm things down and we went about our way. After the lake, it was time for me to get to work. It was a pretty busy night, but I spent most of the time chatting with a new woman in town. I took her back to my house after work, and woke up to hear her closing my front door.

I got up to grab a drink, and could see smoke rising across the street. I grabbed my coat and ran over there. It was Ty Goodmans house, and I could see the flames licking up one side of the house. Paul showed up right behind me, and went running in, so I ran after him. We found Ty’s wife tied up the the dining room table, and carried it out. It wasn’t until after we were out of the building that we realized she was dead.

Robyn and Father Theo ran came running out of the building saying Ty was still in there. Jerome the fireman ran in to save him, just as the roof cam crashing down. This was a bit much so I walked back to my house and grabbed a bottle of whiskey. By this time the police had shown up, and took all of us to the station for questioning. Of course we had to wait until Monday for the detectives to come in.

We convinced them we were just trying to be good citizens, and they let us go, although Paul was a pain in the ass and they kept him longer. After we left the jail, Robyn showed us a ledger she found on Ty. We decided to go do some research at the Town Hall, and found a deed related to the Rheinharts.

Paul, Father Theo and I decided to go check it out. I went out to the farm and got one of my horses and picked up my shotgun from the bar. We got lost when a storm rolled in, and found the cabin just as it got dark. We look around and found another ledger. Just about then we started hearing noises from under the cabin and outside. I looked outside and my horse was missing.

When the lightning flashed, I thought I saw some monstrous form, but it must have just been my sleep deprived senses. I went back inside, and that is when things got weird. We heard something banging on the table we put over the hole, and both Paul and I shot, tearing holes in the table. Then the door started to open, and Father Theo and I threw out weight against it and forced it closed.

Paul look out the window, and barely dodged a claw as it swiped at him. Then things got quiet again. After a little bit, we heard noises under the cabin again. We were all a little jumpy, and the door to the cabin began to open again, and Paul fired several shots. However, nothing was there. Nothing. Nothing at all. When daylight came, we cleaned up, and went back to town.

Tom's Journal
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