Resort development will bring needed jobs to the area, others suspect it will diminish the small town feel, Curtis Hansen from Boston is pressing the legislation to allow for the resort to built off the lake.

Benny Zimmerman has strong mob ties to keep his liqueur store operational.

Local Police turn a blind eye to prohibition, at most handing out fines, and holding people in the drunk tank.

Bobby Dean is a thief, he has stolen on many accounts, and has been caught red handed by Ramon Huff.

There is a wild animal on the loose, keep your kids inside after 6:00 and be sure to keep your pets safe.

Bobby Dean murdered Bonnie Page, He assaulted her in the Graveyard.

Ty Goodman and his wife were killed because he was representing a black man.

Bobby’s supporters killed his old boss.

Break-ins rampant around town. perhaps bobby wasent behind the thefts after all… but he is still a murderer.

Paul Shatner’s writing is getting more and more twisted, not nearly the light hearted stories we once read.

Paul’s wife left him because he was having an afair.


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